GitHub Goes Down One Day After Setting Goal of 'No Outages'

by Developer.com Staff

The latest downtime at the popular code repository had unfortunate timing.

In an interview with The Register published May 30, GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath said, “The fundamentals of GitHub is it’s there when you need it. GitHub needs to be as reliable as a light switch or a dial tone. Our goal is no outages. It’s hard to get to 99.999 but that’s what we are shooting for. Everything we are talking about falls apart if those things aren’t guaranteed.”

One day later, GitHub proved that it is indeed hard to get to 99.999 percent uptime — it experienced an outage. At 5:36 am on May 31, the GitHub Status Twitter feed announced, "We are currently experiencing major service outages." But the downtime was short-lived, as the service said everything was operating normally by 5:55 am. The service did also experience some latency issues around 7:30 in the morning, but those appeared to be resolved by 8:10 am.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 1st 2017
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