Git Support Comes to Microsoft's CodePlex

by Developer.com Staff

Developers had been demanding support for the popular version control system.

Microsoft has announced that its CodePlex open source hosting service will now support the Git version control system. "So why Git? CodePlex already has Mercurial for distributed version control and TFS (which also supports subversion clients) for centralized version control," said CodePlex's MarkGroves. "The short answer is that the CodePlex community voted, loud and clear, that Git support was critical. Additionally, we just like it, we use Git on our team every day and making the DVCS workflows more available to the CodePlex community is just the right thing to do."

Right now, CodePlex hosts about 28,000 projects, putting it well behind GitHub (around 280,000 projects), Google Code (also around 280,000 projects) and SourceForge (around 400,000 projects).

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This article was originally published on Saturday Mar 24th 2012
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