FundaGeek Aims to Help Software Developers Raise Cash

by Developer.com Staff

A new crowdfunding site wants to be the Kickstarter for the software development industry.

A new startup in the mode of Kickstarter and Selfstarter aims to bring the power of crowdfunding to the software development industry. Called FundaGeek, the new service says it is "devoted to assisting software developers secure funding for their projects." FundaGeek added," All areas of software development--Web applications (e-commerce), games, social media apps, open source, mobile apps, traditional 'shrink wrap' software, etc.--can use FundaGeek as a resource to help push forward important innovative projects."

While some crowdfunding services distribute funds only if a project reaches its goal, FundaGeek will pay developers however much is raised, minus a fee equal to 5 percent of all money pledged. Developers can also opt to use the service's premium marketing features and pay a 9 percent fee.

FundaGeek also has a similar service that funds scientific research.

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This article was originally published on Monday Nov 5th 2012
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