Free Course Teaches C# to Kids

by Developer.com Staff

The developers who created the course want to show elementary teachers how easy it is to teach programming.

Two developers from TeachingKidsProgramming.org plan to hold workshops throughout Utah that will introduce kids and teachers to C#. "Programming is not being taught in schools," said Lynn Langit, one of the developers involved with the project. "In the U.S., with some exceptions, programming is only introduced in high school as an Advanced Placement course and very few students see programming courses until college. Around the world, basic programming is part of a basic education."

She added, "We teach programming almost like an art class, and students create their first executable program in three minutes."

The duo hopes to interest teachers and even parents in teaching programming to children as young as 10 by showing how easy it is. The C# curriculum is also available online for free.

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This article was originally published on Thursday May 9th 2013
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