Four Reasons to Update Apps for iOS 7

by Developer.com Staff

Many mobile development firms have updated their apps ahead of this week's release of iOS 7.

Apple will officially release iOS 7 on September 18, and the operating system features a new design that's dramatically different from iOS 6. Data seems to indicate that many developers have spent the summer updating their existing apps for the new release rather than working on new apps.

So why is this update inspiring so many developers to revisit their apps? GigaOm's Geoffrey Goetz offers several reasons:

  1. Previously deprecated APIs are being removed completely.
  2. iPhone users are more experienced now.
  3. Apple changed its design guidelines.
  4. The code isn’t broken, but the design is outdated.

If you haven't submitted an update by now, it's probably too late to get it approved in time for the iOS 7 release—it's currently taking at least eight days to get approval for iOS apps.

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This article was originally published on Monday Sep 16th 2013
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