Forrester: 'Great' Apps Earn Five Times More than Others

by Developer.com Staff

Apps that almost never crash generate a lot more revenue for mobile development firms.

A new report from Forrester and IBM clarifies what consumers expect in a "great" app and finds that "great" apps bring in about five times as much money as good ones. The number one thing that consumers want in a great app is for it not to crash (55 percent), followed by not using too much battery power or memory (50 percent) and saving them time (45 percent).

The study found that great apps generate more revenue than other apps, decrease operational costs, increase productivity and improve customer loyalty rates.

"In order to win, serve, and retain customers with a mobile app, organizations must understand what customers expect and align their development efforts and investments to meet those expectations," the study said.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 24th 2015
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