Forrester: 5 out of 6 Developers Use Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

More than half use open source operating systems like Linux.

A new report from market research firm Forrester finds that five out of six developers are developing or deploying applications using open source tools. In addition, 56 percent of developers were using open source operating systems, primarily Linux, and 52 percent were using open source Web servers like Apache Tomcat or NGINX.

"Even in risk averse [industries, ie financial services industry], we're seeing high rates of open source adoption," said Forrester's Jeffrey Hammond. "A lot are using TomCat and Red Hat JBoss as a mainstream part of their solutions."

Other key findings include the following:

  • 47 percent of developers use open source databases.
  • 13 percent of developers use NoSQL databases.
  • 40 percent of developers use open source IDEs.
  • 28 percent of developers use open source app servers.

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This article was originally published on Saturday Dec 8th 2012
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