For Developers, Facebook is a Double-Edged Sword

by Developer.com Staff

The constant changes to the platform can result in major problems for developers.

A new Cnet article compares working with Facebook to "a dance with the devil," and the metaphor seems very apt given many developers' experiences with the platform. "It's one big roller coaster," said BandPage founder J Sider. "It might be one hell of a ride and you might love it. Or you might get off the roller coaster and throw up. We decided to take the ride, and we're going to keep it going."

Some developers have created apps with approval from Facebook only to have that approval denied at a later date. Other apps disappeared when Facebook exchanged profiles for Timelines. And still others became the victim of tweaks Facebook made to its Edgerank algorithm. "It's incredibly frustrating," said one anonymous developer. "We all worry about Facebook making changes, and we all want to figure out how to get in the activity stream more. But much of it is a black box."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 15th 2012
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