Flurry: 'Phablets Are a Fad'

by Developer.com Staff

The analytics firms said developers should concentrate on apps for medium-sized smartphones and full-sized tablets.

A new report from Flurry breaks down the mobile market with a focus on the hardware form factor. It puts mobile devices into five categories: small phones (3.5" screens or less), medium phones (3.5" – 4.9" screens), phablets (5.0" – 6.9" screens), small tablets (7.0" – 8.4" screens) and full-size tablets (8.5" screens or larger).

It concludes that mobile development firms should focus their efforts on creating apps for medium phones and full-size tablets because those two form factors have the best combination of user install base and usage sessions.

On the other hand, phablets comprise just 2 percent of the install base and 3 percent of active users and usage sessions. "Phablets are a fad," concludes Flurry.

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 1st 2013
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