Flurry: Apple Made 51% of Devices Activated Over Christmas

by Developer.com Staff

It seems a lot of people found an iPhone 6 under the tree this year.

According to Flurry's annual Christmas report, 51.3 percent of the devices activated over the holidays were made by Apple. By comparison, Samsung accounted for 17.7 percent of new activations and Nokia had 5.8 percent. Apple's iPhone 6 had the most activations of any single device, and the iPhone 6 Plus was in the top five.

This year also saw an increase in the popularity of phablets: 13 percent of devices activated this holiday season were phablets, up from 4 percent last year. Sales of tablets were down, likely due to the increasing popularity of the big phones.

The mobile development industry also saw the usual spike in activity Christmas day. App installs were 2.5 times higher on December 15 than the average for the month.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 30th 2014
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