FFmpeg Coup Results in New Team of Maintainers

by Keith Vance

A new team of developers has taken over the FFmpeg project and left the old developers wondering what happened.

On Tuesday, a group of developers implemented a coup and took over the FFmpeg project from the current maintainers.

"We, the undersigned, announce that as of today FFmpeg maintainership has been assumed by a new team," Attila Kinali informed the FFmpeg mailing list.

Michael Niedermayer, one of the previous FFmpeg maintainers, was surprised to learn he was no longer part of the project.

"I just wanted to say that I am as surprised as everyone else about what has happened in the last few hours," he said, "and that some developers overtaking official ffmpeg and closing everyone else's write access without any kind of public discussion is kinda nasty."

But Diego Biurrun said they tried to contact Neidermayer.

"We tried to contact almost everyone," Biurrun told Neidermayer, "but did not succeed with all. Not everybody was on IRC, others, like you for example, did not answer the phone or react to SMS messages and/or email."

Biurrun said, "Everybody is welcome and invited to join the community to work on FFmpeg, all past and present and future developers included."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 20th 2011
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