Famo.us JavaScript Framework Goes Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

The tool helps mobile development teams create HTML 5 apps that perform like native apps.

The team behind the Famou.us JavaScript framework have announced that the tool will be released under an open source Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, and demonstration code is now available at Codepen. More than 70,000 developers had previously signed up to test a private beta version of the tool.

While there are plenty of JavaScript frameworks out there, Famo.us stands out for its ability to speed up HTML5 apps by tapping into systems' GPUs. It also enables the creation of 3D graphics that rival those in native apps.

"We're not inventing 3D on the Web, nor are we inventing WebGL. Famo.us is just an integration of a lot of these technologies to make it easy for someone to build this stuff," explained Famo.us's David Fetterman.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 4th 2013
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