Faces of Open Source Celebrates Noteworthy Developers

by Developer.com Staff

A new photography project calls attention to the heroes of the open source movement.

Photographer Peter Adams has a new project called Faces of Open Source that features black and white images of some of the most important contributors to the open source movement. "This is a revolution that is not well understood," Adams told ZDNet. "There are trillions of dollars worth of economic activity riding on top of the efforts of a relatively small community of people that often do this work without direct compensation. I think putting faces to names helps remind everyone that, at the core, people are what makes open source work."

Developers featured in the exhibit include Linux developer Linus Torvalds, Unix creator Ken Thompson, sendmail developer Eric Allman, nanotechnology pioneer Christine Peterson, Perl inventor Larry Wall, writer and publisher Tim O'Reilly, Adafruit founder Limor Fried, Debian contributor Bdale Garbee, Korn shell author David Korn, FreeBSD co-founder Jordan Hubbard, attorney Karen Sandler, Wikimedia executive director Katherine Maher, computer science professor John Ousterhout, Python creator Guido Van Rossum, Docker maintainer Jessie Frazelle, JavaScript creator Brendan Eich and many others.

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This article was originally published on Friday Jun 1st 2018
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