Facebook Updates Third-Party App Login Features

by Developer.com Staff

End users will have more control over what shows up in their newsfeeds.

Facebook has made some changes to the login feature that many third-party Web and mobile apps use to authenticate users. In the past, developers asked for all permissions—including permission to post on a user's Facebook page—from a single screen. Now apps will ask for sharing permissions on a separate screen, giving end users more control.

The change is good for users, who have often complained about apps posting info to their newsfeed without their knowledge. But on the other hand, developers are losing some of their ability to advertise who is using their apps.

Along with the change, Facebook also announced that login is now 30 percent faster. It added that people use login to sign up for for third-party apps 850 million times every month.

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This article was originally published on Friday Aug 23rd 2013
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