Facebook TechPrep Initiative Aims to Improve Developer Diversity

by Developer.com Staff

The social network wants to help parents encourage their kids to pursue careers in computer programming.

Facebook has launched a new initiative called TechPrep that is designed to encourage minority kids to pursue careers as developers. “What we see around coding and programming, is that there are some communities in which, because the parents’ capacity is not there — the guardian —that we’re losing whole generations of people who could be guided into these really lucrative, engaging, satisfying careers,” said Maxine Williams, Facebook global director of diversity. “For most of them and for us, we really need to focus on how we build the capacity of these influencers. They are the most positive people in terms of how they view their children’s potential. and we share that belief.”

TechPrep will offer parents and guardians resources for helping kids pursue computer science careers. In addition, it will have tutorials, videos and games designed to get students interested in programming.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 22nd 2015
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