Facebook Sonar Goes Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

The tool helps mobile development pros debug their apps.

Facebook has released Sonar, an extensible debugging tool, under an open source license. Sonar helps mobile development pros understand the behavior of iOS and Android apps. The Sonar code draws on numerous other open source projects, including Stetho, Electron, React.js, Flow, Metro, Yarn, Folly and RSocket.

“We hope that open-sourcing Sonar and the accompanying plugins will provide a useful tool for other engineers working on mobile applications. These plugins can be easily integrated into existing apps using Sonar’s SDK with just a few lines of code. As we’ve already seen Sonar prove useful internally at Facebook, we think Sonar’s APIs will help other engineers build great new experiences to improve their workflows,” blogged Emil Sjölander, a Facebook software engineer.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 12th 2018
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