Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps

by Developer.com Staff

Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.

Facebook officially has an app store. The social network is attempting to make it easier for users to find apps by launching the App Center. At launch, the App Center has just 600 apps, a small fraction of the apps available on Facebook. Users will see different apps in the App Center depending on their habits and their friends' habits. All of the apps in the initial App Center launch are free, but Facebook plans to add paid apps later.

From a mobile development standpoint, Facebook is important not only as an app platform in its own right, but also because of the traffic it sends and receives from mobile platforms. In May, Facebook connected users with iOS apps 134 million times. Seven of the 10 highest-grossing iOS apps and six of the 10 highest-grossing Android apps offer Facebook integration.

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This article was originally published on Friday Jun 8th 2012
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