Facebook Open Sources Nuclide IDE

by Developer.com Staff

The integrated development environment is based on GitHub's Atom.

Facebook is releasing the code for its Nuclide integrated development environment (IDE) under an open source license. Nuclide, which aims to unify Web and native mobile development, is based on Atom, GitHub's very popular "hackable" text editor called. Facebook Software Engineer Michael Bolin explained that Atom "is built with contemporary Web technology that allows us to use our own React and ES7 expertise. It provides a powerful native shell for integrating well with local mobile compilers and build tools."

Bolin added, "While we're very pleased to share these initial packages with the community, we really want to emphasize that this is just a very early start to the project. For one thing, we still have lots we can do to improve these packages themselves, and are very excited to work with the community to collaborate and iterate on them."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jun 24th 2015
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