Facebook Has Paid $4.3 Million in Bug Bounties

by Developer.com Staff

Researchers from India, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobago find the most bugs with the social networking service.

Facebook security engineer Reginaldo Silva has revealed that, since 2011, the social network has paid out $4.3 million to more than 800 developers and security experts who have discovered bugs with the website. The total last year was $936,000 paid to 210 researchers who found 526 bugs. On average, each bug was worth $1,780. The most bug reports come from India, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Silva, "The quality of reports we receive is getting better over time, both in terms of clear step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue as well as thoughtful consideration of potential risk to people who use Facebook."

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This article was originally published on Monday Feb 15th 2016
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