Facebook Announces Open Source Organization Called TODO

by Developer.com Staff

The social network wants to help other companies get involved in open source development.

During its @Scale conference on Monday, Facebook announced that it was supporting a new organization called TODO which will promote open source software development. Short for "talk openly, develop openly," TODO has several other members including Box, Dropbox, Github, Google, Khan Academy, Stripe, Square, Twitter and Walmart Labs.

James Pearce, Facebook's head of developer advocacy, blogged, "Our overall goal in this collaboration is to make open source easier for everyone. We want to run better, more impactful open source programs in our own companies; we want to make it easier for people to consume the technologies we open source; and we want to help create a roadmap for companies that want to create their open source programs but aren’t sure how to proceed."

At the same event, Facebook also released a new open source routing technology called mcrouter.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 16th 2014
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