Eve Project Wants to Bring Development to the Masses

by Developer.com Staff

The project's founders want to change the way we think about coding.

A new project called Eve wants to change the very nature of programming and create "a better way for us to interact with computers." It's an environment that makes the process of developing a program more like using Excel. "Over the years, programming has become intrinsically tied to the notion of creating programs," blogged Eve co-founder Chris Granger, "but realistically what most people are trying to do is get the computer to do some thinking for them and then communicate the results."

The group has released version 0 of Eve, which is admittedly far from a finished release, and it has also raised $2.3 million in funding. The tool includes a relational database, a programming language, an IDE and a user interface editor.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 19th 2015
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