Edward Snowden: Developers Should Pay More Attention to Privacy

by Developer.com Staff

The whistleblower said technology should help defend freedom.

Over the weekend, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called on developers to do a better job of protecting users' privacy. Speaking via a video link at the Hype X conference in New York, Snowden said, "It doesn’t end at encryption it starts at encryption. Encryption protects the content but we forget about associations."

He added, "We the people. You the people, you in this room right now have both the means and capability to help build a better future by encoding our rights into the programs and protocols upon which we rely upon every day."

Snowden continued, "We need to think about software as a means of expressing our freedom, but also defending our freedom. Technology gives us a new power — if we pair that with a responsibility to police ourselves, the way technology grows, and not sleepwalk into new technologies."

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This article was originally published on Monday Jul 21st 2014
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