Docker Founders Help Establish Holberton School for Coding Education

by Developer.com Staff

The new school is modeled on the European Institute of Technology.

San Francisco residents looking to become developers have a new option: the Holberton School. The new coding school has funding from Trinity Ventures, Jerry Yang (co-founder of Yahoo), Jonathan Boutelle (co-founder of Slideshare) and Solomon Hykes (co-founder of Docker), and Docker co-founder Julien Barbier is CEO and co-founder of the Holberton School.

The new school is based on the European Institute of Technology, or EPITECH, which Barbier and Hykes attend. "The idea is that everything is project-centered, so instead of having hours of theory, you just give students a project," Barbier explained. "The students will then learn the theory they need in order to accomplish the given project."

The school will accept its first class of 32 students in January 2016, and those students will attend for free. In the future, the school's founders hope to train thousands of developers every year, and the school will likely charge tuition.

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This article was originally published on Monday Oct 5th 2015
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