Dice: iOS Devs Earn More than Android Devs

by Developer.com Staff

Mobile development pros in New York see a particularly big bump in pay if they specialize in iOS.

Online job board Dice.com has released a new report on mobile development salaries. Across the board, iOS developers appear to earn more than Android developers with a comparable level of experience. For example, an iOS developer in New York with three years of experience makes an average of $105, 218, compared to $96,834 for an Android developer, a difference of $8,384.

The exact amount of salary difference differs by region as follows:

  • New York: $8,384
  • Silicon Valley: $7,918
  • Los Angeles: $7,726
  • Seattle: $7,144
  • Dallas: $4,710

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This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 5th 2017
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