Developers Use Configuration Profiles to Get Around iOS Restrictions

by Developer.com Staff

At least two mobile development firms have used the workaround.

Developers often complain about the restrictions Apple places on apps that appear in the App Store, but at least a couple of iOS developers have found a way around some of those restrictions. Eldar Tuvey offers an app called Snappli that intercepts Web traffic and compresses it on a remote server--something that's technically not allowed in the App Store. Snappli gets around the restriction by asking users to download configuration profile after they have downloaded the app. Configuration profiles are normally used by enterprise IT departments to manage employees' iPhones, but they also serve Snappli's purpose. Another app called Wajam uses the same trick to allow users to see social content when browsing on certain sites.

However, configuration profiles do have some downsides. Developers see slightly lower install rates when users have to download two separate files. And users can only run one app that requires a configuration profile at a time.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 24th 2012
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