Developers React to iOS 'App Resurrection'

Wednesday Sep 18th 2013 by Developer.com Staff

The unannounced new feature could be good for consumers but bad for developers.

Without any fanfare, Apple has pushed out a new iOS feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to install the last known compatible version of apps that will work with their operating system. In other words, if you're using hardware that can't be upgraded to iOS 7, you can download the last version of your app that worked on iOS 6.

For users, this seems like a great way to make sure apps will continue working, even if you have an older phone. And it could encourage developers to push out versions of their app for the latest version of iOS.

But some in the mobile development industry see potential problems. Dragon Forged’s Kyle Richter says, "The likelihood of any complex app, especially anything API driven, working after several years of neglect are slim. Those that do work may be incredibly unreliable and buggy. Where does this leave things? Users will blame the developers for releasing substandard products, because the average user doesn’t understand the process of software development. This will result in apps being reviewed poorly and an increased support load for developers."

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