Developers Port 15,000 Apps to BlackBerry 10 in Two Days

by Developer.com Staff

RIM paid devs up to $2,000 and gave away prizes to those who ported their apps to its mobile platform.

Continuing its pre-launch efforts for BlackBerry 10, RIM held two "Port-a-Thons" to encourage Android developers to convert their apps for BB10. Over the course of 37.5 hours, the company received 15,000 app submissions.

In order to encourage devs to port their apps, the company was offering a number of incentives, including $100 per app for up to 20 apps. The first 200 devs to submit five to ten apps also received a BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device. And the first 10 devs to submit 10 or more apps got a paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Europe.

Developers who missed the last event may want to check out the company's Last Chance Port-a-Thon on January 18.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 15th 2013
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