Developers Cite Lack of Communication, Clear Objectives as Top Wearable App Challenges

by Developer.com Staff

Developing for multiple platforms is also an obstacle.

Mobile development tool vendor Kony has published the results of a new survey that polled developers about the biggest challenges in creating apps for wearable devices. The number one challenge was "lack of communication between IT stakeholders, designers and developers" (40 percent), followed by "unclear objective from IT stakeholders" (31 percent) and "lack of reusability of assets between desktop, mobile and wearable apps" (22 percent).

When asked specifically about wearable app design, developers said the biggest obstacles included designing mobile apps for multiple devices and platforms" (51 percent) and "meeting end-user demand for new applications features" (29 percent).

"Wearable and connected devices are definitely becoming mainstream, and a key driver for their acceptance will be the growth of enterprise mobile apps built around these devices," said the report. "It is critical for developers, designers and stakeholders to work closer together to not only to meet business objectives and the demands of the business users, but also deliver an amazing user experience."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 13th 2016
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