Dell Launches Experimental Developer Laptop

by Developer.com Staff

Project Sputnik runs Ubuntu and includes developer-friendly utilities.

Dell has unveiled a new "experimental" laptop aimed at developers. Called Project Sputnik, it's a Dell XPS13 laptop running Ubuntu Linux, and it comes with a set of drivers, patches and utilities aimed at developers' needs.

Coming soon to Project Sputnik will be a feature that allows downloads of developer "profiles" from GitHub. These profiles will include everything users need to set up their own development stacks. The first three profiles will be for Android, Ruby and JavaScript development. Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady, who consulted with Dell on this project, explained, “If I’m new to PHP or Java or Android, I won’t have to figure out what a capable stack looks like. I can use a cookbook based on others who’ve done it before.”

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 8th 2012
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