DeepMind AI Can't Beat Starcraft II — But It Can Dream

by Developer.com Staff

The company is working with video game developers to advance artificial intelligence.

Owned by Google parent company Alphabet, DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that can beat the best human players of the board game Go, but so far, the DeepMind AI hasn't been able to master the video game Starcraft II. According to the firm, its existing technology “cannot win a single game against the easiest built-in AI" for the video game, that the company needs to make new breakthroughs in order for the AI to master the game and eventually challenge skilled human players. Starcraft II developer Activision Blizzard is working with DeepMind on projects to train the AI.

In related news, DeepMind has taught its AI to "sleep" and "dream." The system can now save data to replay during periods when it is "offline," improving its learning capabilities by "dreaming" about past experiences.

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This article was originally published on Friday Aug 11th 2017
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