Cyanogen Claims 'More Users Than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Combined'

by Developer.com Staff

The Android alternative has 50 million active users.

At the Seattle Code Rush developer conference, Cyanogen employee Adnan Begovic told attendees that the mobile platform has 50 million users, which is more than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry combined. Cyanogen is an alternative, open source version of Android. A few devices, such as the OnePlus One and Yu Plus, ship with Cyanogen installed, but most users install Cyanogen themselves on rooted devices.

Observers noted that while Cyanogen seems to be positioning itself as the third largest mobile development platform, Begovic compared it to Microsoft's older mobile platform rather than its new platform, Windows Phone, which ships around 40 million devices per year.

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 10th 2015
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