CTIA Website to Reveal App Data Usage

Monday Dec 30th 2013 by Developer.com Staff

KnowMyApp.org will offer valuable information for consumers and the mobile development industry.

CTIA, a telecommunications industry trade group, has launched a new website called KnowMyApp.org that reveals how much data various apps use. Visitors to the site can search for apps by name, operating system and/or category. The site then provides information about how the app performed on benchmark tests related to data usage. That will allow them to estimate how much data the app will consume before they download or use it.

The site also provides both consumers and developers tips for reducing data consumption. "By highlighting those apps and developers that use data efficiently, KnowMyApp.org seeks to guide consumers toward a better user experience," said CTIA president and CEO Steve Largent. "We’re pleased to work with our members and the developer community to accomplish this goal since it’s important to provide apps that use data responsibly to minimize the impact on consumers’ usage as well as on wireless networks, which is fueled by spectrum."

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