Coding Schools Band Together for ReskillUSA Project

by Developer.com Staff

The new effort wants to "close the gap between technical education and employment."

Several technical education organizations, including Codecademy, Thinkful, The Flatiron School and Dev Bootcamp, are working together on a new project they call ReskillUSA. The stated goal of the effort is to "close the gap between technical education and employment." And for now, it is centered primarily on a Website that offers information on a variety of development education options. It promises that if workers started learning to code now they can "get hired in months."

The project is also an effort to convince employers that coding schools are a legitimate form of education and that they should hire people who have completed these forms of training. "By banding together, we’re trying to raise awareness of these new forms of education," said Codecademy co-founder and CEO Zach Sims.

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This article was originally published on Friday Nov 7th 2014
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