Cloud9 and Joyent Join Up to Deliver New Framework

by Cynthia Harvey

New framework speeds the cloud-based development and deployment of Node.js applications.

Cloud9 and Joyent have announced a new partnership resulting in a framework that provides Web application developers a way to develop and deploy Node.js apps in the cloud. Developers can now access the Cloud9 IDE through Joyent's public cloud services.

"If you want to see the future of cloud computing, this is it," said Cloud9 IDE CEO Ruben Daniels. "Joyent has the complete cloud data center software stack, and we have the cloud-based IDE for JavaScript, which is the language used by over three-quarters of websites today and is a key part of the explosion of mobile apps."

He added, "The new integrated solution lets you create your development project in Cloud9, and then test and run your code on the Joyent architecture. You don't have to create a new Joyent account — Joyent automatically accepts the login and billing information from your Cloud9 IDE account."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 19th 2011
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