China's Alibaba Sets Aside $160 Million to Fund Mobile Development

by Developer.com Staff

The company is beginning to promote its mobile OS.

China-based Alibaba has announced new plans to promote its homegrown mobile operating system. The company plans to offer subsidies to network carriers who offers phones based on the new OS, and it has earmarked one billion yuan, approximately $160 million, to help fund third-party app development.

So far, five firms—Amoi Technology Co., G'Five International Ltd., Shenzhen Zopo Communications Equipment Ltd. and Beijing Little Chilli Technology Co.—have committed to releasing phones based on the Alibaba OS.

Last year, Alibaba and Google were involved in a public dispute about whether Alibaba's new mobile platform is an unauthorized Android variant. Acer had planned to release a smartphone based on the Alibaba OS, but when Google objected, Acer backed down.

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 15th 2013
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