C++ Makes Big Gains in Popularity

by Developer.com Staff

Java is still at the top of the programming language popularity indexes.

According to the latest update to the Tiobe Programming Language Popularity Index, C++ has made the biggest gains in popularity over the last year, climbing 3.1 percent. Tiobe's top five for July were Java (17.728 percent rating), C (16.147 percent), C++, C# (5.652 percent) and Python (4.257 percent).

Two competing indexes use different criteria for determining popularity and had slightly different results: The top five on the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language Index were Java (24.5 percent), PHP (11.4 percent), Python (11.1 percent), C# (9.2 percent) and C++ (7.7 percent). RedMonk's June ranking had JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python as the top four, followed by a three-way tie among C#, C++ and Ruby.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 15th 2015
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