C Language Drops to Lowest Popularity Rating

by Developer.com Staff

SQL developers are the biggest complainers, while Objective-C devs are the least likely to rant.

In the latest update to the Tiobe programming language popularity index, C scored its lowest rating ever: 11.303 percent. Not too long ago, C was regularly at the top of Tiobe's chart; now, it's a distant second behind Java. "One of the main reasons for this drop is that C is hardly suitable for the booming fields of Web and mobile app development," said Tiobe. "Moreover the C programming language doesn't evolve like the other big languages, such as Java, C++, and C#."

The top ten this month were Java (19.01 percent), C (11.3 percent), C++ (5.8 percent), C# (4.91 percent), Python (4.04 percent), PHP (3.17 percent), JavaScript (2.71 percent), Visual Basic .NET (2.52 percent), Perl (2.51 percent) and Assembly (2.36 percent). Elsewhere on the chart, Swift rose to 14th, and Go climbed to 20th.

In other programming language news, the website devRant, which provides a forum for developer complaints, published an analysis of its data. It found that SQL, Mongo and Swift developers are the most likely to complain, while Objective-C, Ruby and Lua developers are the least likely to rant. JavaScript developers set the bar for average.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 9th 2016
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