Building the Developer.Com Windows 8 App

by Developer.com Staff
Building the Developer.Com Windows 8 App

Chris Bennett talks about building the Developer.com Windows 8 App--including sharing the code!

Windows 8 launched into the retail channel today along with a statement from Microsoft that there are more applications available today for Windows 8 then there was for other platforms when they launched. To help support this claim, Chris Bennett has built a Windows Store Application that should be available within a few days. To soften the waiting period he has provided a walk-through, complete with code, on the CodeGuru website.

The first version of this Win8 application provides you (the reader) with a list of posts with summaries, that when selected will allow you to read the full article, and is limited to reading from just a few of the Developer.com Network sites; CodeGuru.com, Developer.com, DevX.com, HTMLGoodies.com and PHPBuilder.com.

Developer.com Network Reader

Combining the techniques of asynchronous programming and XAML data binding you can quickly create a feed reader app to pull down and display one or more feeds and display them in a new way for users.

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This article was originally published on Friday Oct 26th 2012
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