Building Android Apps with Scala

Tuesday Aug 30th 2011 by Cynthia Harvey

The Scala programming language provides Android developers with a good alternative to Java and C++.

Most Android developers know that they can build apps for the platform in Java or C++, but many don't realize they can also use other JVM-compatible languages like Scala. Mike Burns, who runs the Boston Android Developers Group says, "Scala lets you write the code more quickly and share the code more easily than you can in Java." Also, he adds that because it's statically typed, Scala offers faster performance, less memory consumption and better optimization than other JVM languages like Ruby and Groovy.

Scala founder Martin Odersky confirms, "Scala is an attractive development language for Android. I should also mention that there's tool support in the form of an Android plug-in for SBT, Scala's standard build tool."

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