Booting Linux in 1 Second

by Keith Vance

By optimizing necessary boot processes, eliminating unnecessary ones and taking a different approach to solving problems, SwiftBoot is able to boot an embedded Linux in one second.

The developers at SwiftBoot have published a demo of an embedded Linux booting in one second.

Using a Renesas MS7724 development board, SwiftBoot was able to achieve a one-second cold Linux boot to a Qt application.

You can watch the demo here.

"We've not applied any specific intellectual property but instead spent time analysing where boot delays are coming from and simply optimising them away," SwiftBoot said. "The majority of the modifications we make usually fall into the category of 'removing things that aren't required', 'optimising things that are required', or 'taking a new approach to solving problems' and are tailored very precisely to the needs of the 'product.'"

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 19th 2011
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