Billion-Dollar Open Source Companies Exist -- Lots of Them

Friday Dec 3rd 2010 by Keith Vance

Rather than just looking at companies selling open source software, Alan Shimel says that a better measuring stick are all of the companies using open source software.

There's a certain segment of the open source community that bemoans the lack of an open source company with $1 billion in annual sales. But as Network World's Alan Shimel said this week, there are actually lots of billion-dollar open source companies.

In terms of selling open source software, Red Hat is the only company positioned to hit the $1 billion sales mark, but what about all of the companies using open source to generate their billions?

"Where would Google be without open source," Shimel asks. "No Android, No Chrome, in fact no Google servers that run the searches. Google, not Red Hat should be the poster child for printing money with open source. That is a company that is making billions of dollars in revenue on the back of open source. Google is not alone."

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