Best Job of 2012: Software Engineer

by Developer.com Staff

High pay and high demand help propel software development to the top of CareerCast.com's list.

Job search site CareerCast.com recently published its list of the best and worst jobs of 2012. Based on salary, stress levels, hiring outlook, physical demands, and work environment, they ranked software engineer number one.

Increasing demand and high salaries helped proper software engineering to the top of the chart. "Over the last few years there's definitely been a 20% to 25% uptick in salary for software engineers," said software engineering veteran Tom Janofsky. "I feel like I live in a different economy. We're constantly hiring, which is so different from what I hear on the news. It's sort of surreal."

Other jobs in the top ten of the list included actuary, human resources manager, dental hygienist, financial planner, audiologist, occupational therapist, online advertising manager, computer systems analyst and mathematician. The worst jobs? Lumberjack, dairy farmer, enlisted military soldier, oil rig worker, newspaper reporter, waiter/waitress, meter reader, dishwasher, butcher and broadcaster.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 15th 2012
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