AWS Slashes Linux Lightsail Prices by 50%

by Developer.com Staff

The cloud computing service is competing with Digital Ocean, OVH and other virtual private cloud vendors.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a dramatic price drop for its Lightsail virtual private server instances. Prices for most Linux instances are dropping by 50 percent, and prices for Windows instances are dropping by about 30 percent.

In addition, the cloud computing vendor is also adding two new instances: a 16GB instance with 4 vCPUs, 320 GB of storage and 6 TB of data transfer, and a 32GB instance with 8 vCPUS, 640 GB storage and 7 TB of data transfer.

Analysts say the move is likely a response to the growing popularity of vendors like Digital Ocean and OVH.

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This article was originally published on Friday Aug 24th 2018
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