Austin, San Francisco Top Developer Salary Survey

Friday Feb 26th 2016 by Developer.com Staff

When you factor in the cost of living, software engineers earn the most in Austin, Texas.

Hired Inc. has released a new report on software engineer salaries in eleven major U.S. cities. When you look just at the salary, San Francisco topped the list with an average software engineer making $132,000. However, when the report factored in the cost of living, Austin, TX, was number one with an average salary of $110,000. According to the report, "An engineer in Austin making $110,000 would need to make $195,000 in San Francisco to maintain the same quality of life."

The report also noted that salaries aren't the only factor developers should consider when choosing where to live. "Forgetting cost-of-living adjustments for a moment, our data indicates that there are advantages to starting your career in San Francisco," it said. "Candidates leaving the Bay Area command higher offers than candidates from any other city in our analysis. Bottom line: No matter where you want to work, engineers that start their careers in San Francisco have a higher earning potential once they move to other job markets."

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