Atap Projects On Display at I/O

by Developer.com Staff

Google showed off smart fabrics, gesture-based controls and password-elimination technologies.

During its I/O developer conference, Google showed off a number of technologies under development by its Advanced Technology and Projects (Atap) division. They included the following:

  • Project Jacquard: Working with Levi's, Google is developing smart fabrics that will allow you to control your smartphone, TV or other devices by touching your jeans or other clothing.
  • Project Soli: These very small radar sensors allow users to control devices by waving their hands in the air.
  • Project Abacus: This project aims to eliminate the password and replace it by identifying people based on the way they type and interact with their devices.
  • Project Tango: This previously announced project to bring depth sensing and virtual reality to smartphones will come to devices through a partnership with Qualcomm.
  • Project Ara: Also previously announced, the Ara modular smartphone now has a working prototype.

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This article was originally published on Monday Jun 1st 2015
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