Photon S3: An Open Source Electric Car

by Developer.com Staff

Carmelo Intersimone is building an open source high performance vehicle, but he needs money, which is why he's fund-raising on Kickstarter.

Inventor Carmelo Intersimone wants to build an open source high performance electric car.

"Sunshine is Motor Fuel" is the slogan for the Photo S3.

Intersimone is trying to raise funds for this new open source vehicle via Kickstarter. If he can raise enough money, he said that he'll be able to move on to the next phase - road testing.

You can pledge here.

Once the designs are complete, everything will be open sourced for anyone to improve and modify. The goal is to have production vehicles as well as a do-it-yourself kits.

You can learn more about the Photon S3 here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 27th 2010
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