Can SkySQL Take MySQL From Oracle?

by Developer.com Staff

SkySQL is offering service and support for MySQL users to compete with Oracle.

A couple of months ago, former MySQL investors, as well as support and training experts created a company called SkySQL to compete with Oracle.

"The SkySQL Enterprise subscription, launched last week, for example, will support the development of 'alternative software' for MySQL as well as offer support MySQL branches such as MariaDB," ZDNet blogger Paula Rooney wrote today.

For now SkySQL is simply offering service and support for less than Oracle, but the company isn't opposed to pushing a MariaDB fork if there's demand for it.

In July, MySQL founder Michael Widenius wrote, "I am happy to see that there is now another home for MySQL talent being formed where they can continue to do what they do best; Providing support and other services around MySQL and also MariaDB."

This article was originally published on Monday Oct 18th 2010
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