Apache Shindig and the OpenSocial Standard

by Developer.com Staff

Apache Shindig is an implementation of the OpenSocial standard which many social networking sites and organizations are taking advantage of.

InternetNews.com's Sean Michael Kerner spoke with Apache Shindig's Paul Lindner about the OpenSocial standard and the Apache Shindig implementation.

"OpenSocial 0.9 and 1.0 have a number of new features that make gadgets faster, including data pipelining and templates," Lindner said. "There are a number of new APIs that are useful including Photo Albums, Groups and Messaging."

While many organizations and social networking sites support the OpenSocial standard, Facebook has not.

"OpenSocial is an open standard -- anyone can implement it and participate in the standardization process," Lindner said. "Facebook has implemented a number of open standards such as OAuth and OpenId, but has not implemented OpenSocial or taken part in the standardization effort."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 12th 2010
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