Linpus Lite 1.4 Security Features

by Developer.com Staff

It's made for tablets and netbooks, Linpus Lite boots fast, shuts down fast and it's easy to install.

Linpus Lite is a Linux distribution geared toward netbooks and low-power computers such as tablets - version 1.4 is the newest version, and according to LinuxBSDos.com, "it is one of the best distributions" that the site has yet to review.

It boots fast. It shuts down fast. And it has a "slick installation program."

But aside from these must-have features for a tablet operating system, the folks at LinuxBSDos.com review the security features of the Linux distro, such as its Grub implementation and the firewall (IPTables/Netfilter).

This article was originally published on Friday Oct 1st 2010
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