Another Sun Employee Leaves Oracle

by Developer.com Staff

Jeff Bonwick said he's leaving for a new challenge, and not specifically because he doesn't want to work for Oracle.

Jeff Bonwick created the ZFS file system while working at Sun. But after 20 years, Bonwick said this week that he's leaving for a start-up company.

On his blog he said, "This was a very hard decision, and not one made lightly. I have always enjoyed my work, and still do -- everything from MTS-2 to Sun Fellow to Oracle VP. I love the people I work with and the technology we've created together, which is why I've been doing it for so long. But I have always wanted to try doing a startup, and recently identified an opportunity that I just can't resist.  (We are in stealth mode, so that's all I can say for now.)"

Bonwick didn't say he was leaving because of Oracle's takeover of Sun, but since the acquisition, there has been a steady stream of talent exiting the company, as well as, open source projects.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 28th 2010
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